Wenatex: How I was invited to a free dinner

UPDATE: My first hand experience of a Wenatex dinner/event.

I was at a friend's house a couple of nights ago when we were shown a letter that came through their door. It was an invitation to an obligation free dinner and seminar hosted by Wenatex for a couple of weeks from today. The invitation also included 2 x $50 gift certificates to be redeemed on the night.

After reading through the extensive documentation that accompanied the letter I uncovered a couple of key pieces of knowledge.

  1. The lack of information about exactly who Wenatex were and what they do was so obvious they may have well stamped it on the envelope.
  2. Basic details that seeming to check out were that the dinner was at the Hotel Kurrajong in Canberra and that it was most definitely free and without obligation.
  3. Something vague about sleep and sleep products.

As anybody who has heard of a 419 scam or indeed has ever received any​ form of marketing ever this instantly screamed out to me ​TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

Thinking that I'm extremely tech savvy (Come on I own my own domain!) and that I am a child of the Internet generation I decided to delve into the murky world of information gathering with a quick Google search. 

After finding their amateurish website and taking a good seven minutes clicking links I found next to no information about their products and absolutely no information about their prices. Personally, if I wanted to sell my wares, which are highly sought after, I would at least advertise them slightly better on my site than Wenatex.

The website was almost no better at giving me information than the aforementioned documentation accompanying the letter so I decided to look at 3rd party blogs and forums to see what others in my position had to say.

After reading posts from here, here, here and here the rest of the picture was fleshed out and I gained a more full understanding of who Wenatex are, what they do and what these seminars are,

By ensnaring people with a free meal at a nice establishment it Wenatex employees ​allegedly​ then enter into an exercise in hard selling. With beds and bed products costing thousands of dollars attendees are alledgedly​ pressured into buying the products with tactics such as "We are offering this <reduced but still damned expensive> price for one night only!" as well as a lot of implausible information about how sleeping on a bed of dried herbs or using a goat milk mattress benefits sleep. I've read they also show magnified images of bed bugs which I'm lead to believe Wenatex beds are immune to.

The psychological effect of these tactics leads people to believe that Wenatex beds are better for their general health and wellbeing. Take also into account that they're reduced for one night only incites the sale.

Since the meal is free and they state multiple times that it's all no obligation I feel there's no harm in taking advantage of their generosity and acquiring a free meal in the process. I'd like to believe I'm resilient enough to resist the hard sell; even if I'm not I doubt my bank account would acquiesce quite as easily.

My advice to anyone else who has received an invitation to a Wenatex event offering free meals, gifts and the like is to go to dinner but treat everything they say with a healthy degree of skepticism. Don't be taken in by any marketing ploy and trust your instincts when they unreservedly tell you herbs belong on food, not in blankets.

In summary:

  • Acquire free meal
  • Acquire free gift
  • Ignore hard sell
  • Leave happy


Submitted by Kaz (not verified) on

Thank you for the information..I asked the lady what was the catch..she answered nothing you and 2 other friends can come for dinner free of charge and collect your gift after ..hahaha I loved reading your post!! Thanks :)

Submitted by JOHNO (not verified) on

well i have read all comments above thanks to all
hey i see it this way ,,,,,,,,,,hey A FREE FEED . but its up to me only to buy there products on the night
hey im looking forward to going its a night out for me hey enjoy the freebees when given to you
the meal will be at the BAYSIDE INN STHELENS TAS
i will give feed back soon
hey a maybe converted ?????

Submitted by Marianne Gifford (not verified) on

I bought a bed fom them ca. 5 years ago and am extremely happy; it stopped arthritic aches and pains and even impressed my sceptic husband. Of course, always beware the hard sell and no, there is no free lunch, but that does not mean they are not genuinely terrific products. Just use common sense! And remember, nowadays the top beds and mattresses ALL cost an arm and a leg.....

Submitted by chang (not verified) on

my mum went to one of these dinners a few years ago and i too was skeptical when she bought a bed for a large wad of cash...let me tell you though - that mattress is the best mattress ive slept one, takes away your aches and pains and you get a wonderful nights sleep. maybe wenetex just need to market in a better way to look less scammy!

Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

I bought the Wenatex system some time ago. After buying it I felt I had spent too much money but didn't use the cooling off period. I have some physical issues, mainly neck and shoulder pain due to a bad accident. After a time I went and bought the electric bed base also. I now love my bed with a passion. My dog used to get my second hand pillows but no more.

Submitted by Trevor (not verified) on

I got one of those invites whent had the free dinner and stayed for the "Hard sell" and knowing what matteses cost as i was looking for a new one i got one. Best nights sleep i have ever had and i will have this mattres for the next 20 years with out a problem and at $4000 it was a good investment.if it gets dirty i can wash it and the donas are absoluty brilliant and light.best money I'v spent.

Submitted by Rik (not verified) on

We mistakenly purchased a gel top mattress a couple of years back and it was expensive... almost 4k... real back ache and toss and turn material!

We are purchasing a new bed soon as both my wife and myself are sleeping really badly.. in separate rooms to reduce the added agony of being woken up by stray arms and elbows resultant from unceasing tossing and turning...

I don't want to be a party pooper, but most of the comments re Wenatex are not good... Plus I don't have the time to spend at boring seminars... been there and done that on many occasions.

I just googled to see if this product was available any other way than via attending a seminar... apparently not... so I will skip the hype and wasted time and save myself the insult of high pressure sales and pass.

I work 7 days a week, value my sleep and love online shopping! I have had such good deals! I loathe going to department stores!

Yes... granted.. I am not your average model citizen that works 9 to 5 Monday to Friday... And I am not a pensioner (with all due respect to those who are) so can't be sucked in by a crappy free dinner...

Hey everyone! Come to our place for dinner!.. My wife and I cook much better than most crappy restaurants... (and can seat 10 at our dining table!) especially when it's fodder served up just to fulfill "The free meal" offer.

This has all been very informative reading and I give my respect to those who love the product but also understand and appreciate the grievances of those that have apparently been ripped off.

You ask how do I have time to add a comment to this blog? I had a staff member help me complete a few jobs so I had an afternoon off. Doesn't happen very often...

have a good day...and thanks for the entertainment.

Submitted by Bill Hayes (not verified) on

Received Invite June 2010. Not having come down in the previous shower, new exactly what to expect. Dinner, so, so, left uncommited. Followed up, purchased a package. As my wife and I had long been uncomfortable sleepers, it turned out to be money well spent, Sleep problems disappeared. consider it one of our most successful buys. expensive, yes, but worth it. As life has
taught You get what you pay for. I am now about add another item.


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