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    Received Invite June 2010. Not having come down in the previous shower, new exactly what to expect. Dinner, so, so, left uncommited. Followed up, purchased a package. As my wife and I had long been uncomfortable sleepers, it turned out to be money well spent, Sleep problems disappeared. consider it one of our most successful buys. expensive, yes, but worth it. As life has
    taught You get what you pay for. I am now about add another item.

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    I had the same problem you did with monitoring OpenVPN, so I was happy to find your posting. While the example you gave worked fine from the command line, I couldn't get it to work within nagios, so I spent some time debugging it. I could find no documentation indicating that the check_udp plugin could send encoded values, so I invoked it on the command line with '-v', and saw that it really isn't sending what it seems. The dollar-signs seem to be being interpreted as an invocation of bash, and the string ultimately sent by check_udp is something like "8-bash1-bash0-bash..." I confirmed this by sending that very string without any dollar-sign encoding, and it worked. I of course don't know how you arrived at the string you're sending, but I guessing it was a miracle of good fortune.

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    Filesize was changed to bigint in 2013.

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    You're welcome!

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    "N.B. if these modules would benefit other sites on the multisite they should be added to sites/all"

    This is one of my major gripes about multisites as it can make patching a real nightmare!

    It's very little overhead to maintain separate contrib modules for each site even if there's some duplication, at least you can update/patch a specific site's modules without needing to consider the impact on *all* sites.

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    It'd be the same command that you use to purge Varnish without Pound. All Pound does is terminate SSL and pass requests/responses to and from Varnish.

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    We mistakenly purchased a gel top mattress a couple of years back and it was expensive... almost 4k... real back ache and toss and turn material!

    We are purchasing a new bed soon as both my wife and myself are sleeping really badly.. in separate rooms to reduce the added agony of being woken up by stray arms and elbows resultant from unceasing tossing and turning...

    I don't want to be a party pooper, but most of the comments re Wenatex are not good... Plus I don't have the time to spend at boring seminars... been there and done that on many occasions.

    I just googled to see if this product was available any other way than via attending a seminar... apparently not... so I will skip the hype and wasted time and save myself the insult of high pressure sales and pass.

    I work 7 days a week, value my sleep and love online shopping! I have had such good deals! I loathe going to department stores!

    Yes... granted.. I am not your average model citizen that works 9 to 5 Monday to Friday... And I am not a pensioner (with all due respect to those who are) so can't be sucked in by a crappy free dinner...

    Hey everyone! Come to our place for dinner!.. My wife and I cook much better than most crappy restaurants... (and can seat 10 at our dining table!) especially when it's fodder served up just to fulfill "The free meal" offer.

    This has all been very informative reading and I give my respect to those who love the product but also understand and appreciate the grievances of those that have apparently been ripped off.

    You ask how do I have time to add a comment to this blog? I had a staff member help me complete a few jobs so I had an afternoon off. Doesn't happen very often...

    have a good day...and thanks for the entertainment.

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    How do you PURGE Varnish via command line when Pound is installed?

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    Thanks for brief insight on the Acquia Backend Specialist Certified. There are lots of guides and material available for developer certification. But not much available for the Backend Specialist certification. Can You provide some links for the sections in Backend Specialist? It will be a big help. Thank You.

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    lol surely you are not that ignorant of the different business models!

    Retail model: things bought cheap, markup 80-200% to pay for wages, interest on cost of purchase until stuff sells, rent of building, electricity etc for the 3-18 months it takes to clear all that was purchased in a number of 40' containers. eg harvey norman

    Franchise model: reduce huge operating costs like retail, section off the 'sales force' to be franchisee's, with lower costs, share benefits with franchisee's as profit for them often around 20% less than retail. eg Jims mowing.

    Word of mouth model: Have very small operating costs compared to retail as is mostly a warehouse and smaller number of operating staff. Sales people work on small base (or no base) plus commission. Generally 40% savings compared to retail model. Get new clients by marketing 'free dinner' and please listen to our presentation. eg Wenatex
    (imagine without the 40% saving vs retail, their $5000 bed would be $8333!!) I'm quite happy to have a free meal if it saves me $3333 compared to going to something like Mr Snooze)

    Network Marketing: Probably lowest of operating costs 40-60%. Combine franchisee & word of mouth models so that 'franchisee's get a share in the profits from word of mouth advertising. Again.. please come to our seminar. eg usana

    All do well in their own rights... only need to do your own UNEMOTIVE research, be honest with yourself and call a spade a spade.

    You can always ADD emotion to an arguement to make it like you are right or show yourself in a good light. In reality people see you doing that and give no credability to what you said.