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Core contributor without even knowing

Core contributor without even knowing

A short while ago I had a conversation with webchick in #drupal-contribute about a Drupal 8 issue I was interested in. The topic of getting a patch committed came up and I expressed my desire to, one day, earn a commit credit. Although webchick believed that I already had credit to my name I assured her that was not the case.

A revelation

Even more recently whilst in the git log searching for when a particular issue was committed, I decided to search for my username; just in case I had missed something.


A quick search of that wondrous commit key revealed the commit in the Drupal git repository where I am now immortalised as helping out a little bit. The issue addresses the problems arising after enabling themes that require functions from nonexistent base themes. Downloading Rubik and setting it as the theme without having a copy of Tao is a demonstrable example of what the issue aimed to address.

The unfortunate and slightly bittersweet thing is that the patch committed as a resolution to the issue didn't quite resolve it entirely as I explained in this comment. Hopefully it'll get a bit more attention soon and I may even get another commit credit to my name.

Until then, I'm happy to be able to count myself amongst the legion of Drupal core contributors.