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Drupal Sprint Weekend Wrap-up

Drupal Sprint Weekend Wrap-up

After the recent global Drupal sprint weekend I hosted, I feel it's a worthwhile task to report back some of the successes and challenges faced by both myself and the other participants.


The first sprint day saw myself, petercook and rli starting early at 9am with jrsinclair and a colleague arriving a little later. We were some of the first in the world to start sprinting as our position in the river of time is more advanced due to geographic location; in other words 'woo timezones'.

Although the fact that I organised the sprint meant that I was mentoring some of the newer contributors and ensuring sufficient levels of caffeine, I managed to rattle off a patch to this issue to convert user signatures into their own field. It'll require a reroll in the near future after some changes to how the user entity is displayed in comments/nodes however. petercook started off the weekend strong with a comprehensive test of this issue in MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite before adding his own additional documentation and rli tracked down and reported a new bug existing when translations and multilingual were enabled.

Numbers dwindled and we officially finished around 5pm. I decided to pursue some further issues and left the building towards 9pm after a brief hangout with John Heaven and the team at Comm-Press and Berdir.


Another day another sprint and rooby, petercook and I sprinted until late again. I decided to take time off core to focus on some of my conributed modules. Poll needed a few changes to make it compatible with the latest Drupal 8 changes. I therefore spent the day both helping out other issues, triaging Poll and fixing some of its issues. The other guys got on with their own issues and we finished late again.

Overall it was great fun to sprint with other Drupalers and something I'd be keen on doing again with more of the DrupalACT community!