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For the past few years I've been using bitbucket as my git host for personal projects. What I most appreciate about it is the ability to have unlimited private repositories. This is especially useful when doing work that's either covered by an NDA or is otherwise not suitable for public consumption.

This is the reason my bitbucket profile appears so empty; everything is private.

Enter GitHub

Since I actually do an amount of personal work outside of Drupal, I can't place all the fun things I make on drupal.org, much to my dismay. However, GitHub allows me a place random Perl/Bash snippets as well as entire non-Drupal projects. Since  lot of people lend credence to a developer's experience if they have:

  • A drupal.org profile
  • A GitHub profile

I feel it's only logical for me to follow suit with everyone else. Seeing also, as I'm an advocate of open source, Drupal and sharing (it's how I learned) I've created a GitHub account to which I'll push work I've done that's fit for public consumption and snippets (Gists) in the hope others will be able to benefit from my work!

There are still some semi-private repos on bitbucket that need some love before GitHub can have them but until then enjoy some of the things I've placed on there already and I invite everybody to fork me!