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Some backstory

Whilst being involved with Drupal, I've been employed in a number of roles, each with different responsibilities and tasks.

  • A web shop developing numerous sites for clients with very particular requirements and to a strict deadline.
  • Under the employ of NFP sites for friends, family, local clubs and organisations I'm affiliated with.
  • An organisation that runs many large, multi-thousands of users, multi-thousands of nodes websites. The ongoing maintenance, management and upgrades, enhancements and general oversight of which is a mammoth task in itself.

I've found that the more I learn about specific topics, the more specialised I become and with that falls the risk of at some point being obseleted. By diversifying my knowledge it's my aim, and indeed personal duty, to remain up to date and relevant to whatever the current trend is.

With this in mind

It is with this in mind then, that I have decided to allow the skills I have developed to be used for freelance purposes outside of work hours. Drupal is something you really have to immerse yourself in to even start to understand. By being involved with all kinds of sites from many different clients you start to appreciate both its scope and gain great knowledge in contrib modules; a skill much underrated!

By the end of January I'll have contributed to around 4 independent sites. The owners/developers/managers of said sites have reached out and engaged me, occupying my already rather full schedule. I'd rather not sit around doing nothing over the xmas break and Drupal 8 can only keep me occupied for so long!

Wish me luck with my endeavors and advice is always welcome in the comments!