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New Year 2013

New Year 2013

Another year passes, another mayan apocalypse averted, another year to add to my tally of those lived through.

As usual many of us are busy making predictions and new years resolutions that inevitably we shall not keep to. I've made a few of my own and will document them here as a record to look back upon at the end of the year.

The first such resolution is tied to this belief that I will still have this blog and will continue writing. It's both a good outlet and a fine repository for my ideas; lest I forget what I work on.

With this blog and server comes more Drupal, another thing I'm keen to remain ontop of in 2013. I'll be attending DrupalCon in Sydney soon, which will be a fantastic boost to my knowledge and understanding. Perhaps acting the same way that that Drupal DownUnder did last year, as a catalyst that promotes passion for the subject and keeps me hungry to learn more!

There are modules I'm still working on, ideas I'd love to make into contrib and of course Drupal 8. Plenty of things to keep me occupied until at least 2014.

I also have two domain names that remain underutilised; it may be a little unlikely due to other pressures but typhonius.com and glo5.com deserve a little love. Ideas for how I can use them are always appreciated!

Finally, and almost like an aside, I feel it appropriate to proclaim my intention to (re)start learning another language. For one semester at University I started studying Chinese; a less than trivial language. It would be remiss of me to not admit a small reason for continuing is the ability to respond accordingly when I'm being talked about in hushed mandarin. A larger reason, however, is my enjoyment of languages and a desire to lose my monolingual trait.

I'd be interested to hear if other people have resolutions they wish to keep. I offer the comment section of this blog post as a record to prove your confidence, especially if it's the same as one of mine!