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Hallowe'en Planning

Hallowe'en Planning

It is my aim to host ​the best Hallowe'en party​ that my friend group can attend this year. I'm not even wanting the dubious accolade of 'best ever' or even 'best of 2012', I know my limits.

I've been to a couple of events in the last couple of years. One that I organised, whilst I was Minister for Social Activities at the University of Nottingham Wing Chun club and a few that other people organised in various locations. I even went to one my college organised whilst I was still there; I'm fairly sure I went as 'Doc Brown', a lab coat and white hair are not at all hard to come by when one spent numerous hours in the chem lab.

Over that time I've learnt a little about what works and what doesn't. It's basically the same as any other social gathering insofar as the key to its success is in the name - social. Since these situations often bring people from differing social circles together it's likely that people will stay in those cliques for the duration of the party, unless forced otherwise.

Much in the same way that The Sims have 'Killer Parties', I'm going to have to buy 20 or so pizzas, light several grills, play some music and schmooze my guests with flattery and constant admiration!

As yet my costume isn't fully planned and I will take recommendations for what I'll wear as long as it's within safe for work standards. Off the menu are previous costumes of:

  • Doc Brown
  • A jedi
  • Bond, James Bond
  • A ghost (yes it was just a sheet)
  • An attempt at Jason Voorhees

An outdoor grill is being provided and food in great abundance is already preplanned. The cobwebs will go up along with spiders, candles, and pumpkins. The lights will be dimmed and Hallowe'en music played, my way.

If I can make this party better I'd sure like to hear ways to host the perfect Hallowe'en Party in the comments.