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How I almost got my name .com

I was curious a while ago as to who owned the .com of my name as the domain was parked and I wanted to see if I could make an offer on it seeing as whoever owned it wasn't using it. So I did a whois of http://adammalone.com and saw who it was registered with as well as the administrative contact. Feeling all proper I decided to go through the correct channels and emailed the given address with what I'd like to call an email of investigation. Within this email I said:

Good Morning,

I have noticed through a whois query that you are the administrative contact for the adammalone.com domain. I've also noticed that the domain is not currently being used. I am just emailing to query the possibility of negotiating a domain transfer at some point in the future.

Many Thanks,
Adam Malone

It should be noted that the email also contained my Australian telephone numbers and my .net email address as a standard footer.

I received a prompt reply asking whether I'd like to point the domain at http://malonelaw.com or some other site. What had occurred instantly became obvious to me as I remembered an incident that occurred a few years ago when I first got onto the internet and decided to google my own name. It revealed that somewhere in the world was a lawyer namesake. Being a mischievous scamp I decided to email the guy and pretty much say "We have the same name". To which he responded with an email along the lines of "You must be a pretty cool guy then."

Clearly he owned the .com address and the administrative contact thought I was him (as we share the same name and thus by definition are pretty cool guys). After thinking for all of 13 seconds about whether I should continue the charade and have him point it at the IP of my server, I considered it a bad move to attempt to take, by subterfuge, a lawyer's property.

I let the contact know the small error to which he seemed thankful and went on my way. A couple of days later, the .com domain was pointing towards the law site.

Thus ends an uneventful story where I could have had the pleasure of my name's .com but didn't because nobody really wants to get into fisticuffs with a lawyer; wherever the balance of truth and law are.