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Varnish for beginners

Varnish for beginners

My first experience with Varnish was whilst I worked at Agileware and was required to create a Pressflow Drupal 6 site for a company who were expecting to receive a lot of traffic due to television advertising.

Now, since starting at Acquia, I've had a great deal more experience since each of our customers has their websites sitting behind Varnish.

With some of the initial knowledge learned at Agileware, some interim findings after researching Varnish outside of work and more tuition in the software at Acquia I've built up a good enough degree of knowledge to be able to pass that on to others interested.

Within this post, I've included a link to the presentation on Google Drive and downloadable slides in PDF format. Feel free to use and extend as you see fit, just remember to attribute!

Any questions can be sent to the email included in the presentation or alternatively left as comments so others may benefit from the answers.