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Website in a weekend

Website in a weekend

After seeing a few of the Confession pages spring up on facebook and with the StalkerSpace craze a while ago I've decided to undertake a little proof of concept.


I always enjoy getting an enormous whiteboard, a number of intelligent minds and hashing out ideas to see what sticks. Visually, the whiteboard ensures both a coolness factor for documentational pictures after the fact as well as a method of allowing people to air their thoughts when words fail.

Optimum configuration would have a semi-circle of tables around a central whiteboard; lots of drawings and everyone using git.


Similar to the Drupal Sprint Weekend, I can't wait to get stuck into creating a cool Drupal site with like minded people. With a concerted effort of developers, designer, site builders and end users for research purposes I'm confident we can knock it off in a weekend!


A lot of social networks are increasingly turning towards full identification of users although I think anonymity has a place in online society. Websites such as 4chan.org being one of those strongholds where identification is more than optional. If only proof of concept we'll take Confession sites off facebook and into a forum where users can post on the site with a guarantee of anonymity and without the need of a moderator to take anonymous emails and post them to the site.

Another reason to try is to aggregate all Confession sites under one name on one cohesive website. Similar to the google suite of products, rather than having sites sprinkled everywhere online, all sites will be in one location, ready for users to join and contribute to as they please.

So, here's to rapid building of sites and another blog post when we're done.


Admittedly, the site wasn't built in a weekend; although the majority of the architecting was. Whilst the site itself, logic and tweak modules were ready there's a lot of tiny things that are for the most part mundane yet essential to operation.

  • Setting permissions;
  • Creating views;
  • Writing text for basic pages on the site;
  • Anything else remotely site building-y

These are getting slotted in whenever we have time, along with a theme since however nice it is, Bartik likely won't cut it with the cool kids.